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Sinfully Tasteful Sweets From The Naughty Cookie Box

AGWDM naughty cookie box featuredAh! Every morning should start off with a cup of tea and Kama Sutra and penis cookies.

What kind of cookies???

Yes, Kama Sutra and penis cookies, and, yes, there’s an interesting story behind them.

Elizabeth Reddinger never set out to be a purveyor of tasty smut. It just happened by accident after she set up a gourmet dessert delivery service, Sweet Sanctions, in the heart of Pennsylvania.

“One day, one of our local more prominent women called and blurted in my ear, ‘I’ll just say it … Can you make me a penis cake?” Elizabeth says. “Being in a very conservative and Amish area, it was a first, but not surprising. I did tell her that we did not create custom cakes but I could make her penis cookies. Thus, the first three characters were born — S&M, Pirate and the Bodybuilder.”

Elizabeth expanded her business on Etsy where demand for her decorated cookies – both the nice and the naughty ones – started to take off.

“I loved designing and creating the penises into different shapes and characters, so I kept doing it,” Elizabeth says. “I’d list them as a new product with all of our other items. It simply got to a point where the naughty stuff began to equal out the PC stuff. But in truth, I was super bummed! I couldn’t share any of it publicly! I wanted to post them and ask for advice for names and new characters, but in our area, the more we shared, the more regular hometown customers we risked losing.”

So Elizabeth set out to create a web-based branch of her business, The Naughty Cookie Box, on Etsy to cater to her kinky clientele. However, she ran into much bigger problems than offending her neighbors.

“We came across so many challenges that simply, we just weren’t aware of,” Elizabeth says. “We were turned down bank after bank for processing our funds because we were now considered an ‘adult novelty’. I almost fell over in laughter! ‘What?! It’s a cookie,’ I said. Still, their decisions remained. We were adult-related material and because the majority of funds processed through the adult industry were not legal funds resulting in a 416% chargeback and legal fees, they would not process for us. It took three months to finally get a ‘Yes!’ When we opened our new Etsy store, their legal team contacted us to tell us we needed to black out the header photos because it was a genital shape. When did people become so afraid of themselves?”

In addition to her Etsy stores, Elizabeth now has a Naughty Cookie Box website where people can order her favorite naughty cookie creations and request special orders.

Penis cookies are still the big favorites like the 80’s Fever, Dr. TuckIt, cupcake, and a goulhish-looking black penis cookies she sent me.

AGWDM penis cookies

The Kama Sutra — vanilla and S&M versions — are much to cute as are the mini corset and the Neon Pecker Popper cookies she sent me.

AGWDM kama sutra cookie 2

AGWDM mini corset cookie

Okay … All this picture taking is driving me nuts. I’m being tortured by the smell of butter, sugar, vanilla … And what’s this? Sour cream and vanilla?

Wait … These cookies are much too cute to eat. There’s much too much work put into them to make them look so adorable.

Oh … But that smell!

Oh, my! Nom-nom! So that’s the secret to the smell and the taste!

If you want to tame things down a bit from the nudie and the lingerie and boxer short cookies, there are other adult indulgences like martini, wine bottle and cigar cookies. I think the Santa dick cookies are just the thing to give a new twist to the annual holiday cookie exchange party. Elizabeth also handles custom orders with advance notice.

I’m so glad that Elizabeth brought her Naughty Cookie Box online because there’s no bakery near my house that makes and sells cookies like these!

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