The Art of Erotica

Take a Free Escape to Sin City

escape to sin city cover 3What’s your biggest sexual thrill? Being sexually indulged when you least expect it? Being presented with a sexual challenge? Being offered an incentive for engaging in someone else’s sexual fetish?

How about all three?

These are the opportunities that are presented to Debra in Escape to Sin City – Part 3: Debra Shops Around.

After losing a gambling challenge to the handsome, wealthy and sometimes irritating Steve, Debra decides to extend her end of the deal to let him have his perverse, dark and kinky way with her. While Debra is out on a shopping excursion to find something provocative to wear for a mystery night out with Steve, she meets up with an unexpected shopping companion who takes a perverse interest in her sexual escapades.

If you haven’t read Escape to Sin City – Part 1: Debra Takes Flight yet, I highly suggest that you read it for free to get you started on Debra’s trip into the rabbit hole of a city (and with a man) that’s larger and lustier than life.

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