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Texting Tips to Hookup a Casual Encounter

Sexting is fun for a lot of people, but texting to set up a hookup, especially with someone you’ve met on a site like Casual Encounters Adelaide ( or Casual Encounters Gold Coast (, takes a little more finesse and discretion.

Texting’s not Recommended for a First-Time Meeting or Hookup
Even though casual encounter and hookup sex isn’t personal on a lot of levels, it is on some, especially when you’re hoping to bridge that gap between making an online or texting connection to a face-to-face connection. A phone call or two gives you and the other person an idea of each other’s personality and temperament. Talking gives you immediate feedback in gauging the other person’s interest and willingness in meeting or hooking up. It also allows you to know if you’re moving too fast or too slow and make immediate adjustments. Make one false move in a text, and BOOM! … You may not get a reply. Ever.

When You Meet in Person for the First Time
I always suggest meeting in person in a casual setting first with no expectation for a hookup for the obvious reasons. People are not always what they seem in online messages, chats, texts, emails or phone calls. It’s hard to assess chemistry and physical attraction without seeing and talking with someone in person. And there’s always that sixth sense if someone is a bit off.

But let’s say that first in-person meeting is going well. A male friend of mine who only does hookups told me, “I’ll come straight out and ask, ‘So is it okay if I text you and say that I want to come over and fuck your brains out?’” Now granted, he’s got the kind of charm, personality and sense of humor to pull off a question like that without offending a woman. “Most of the time they’ll blush or laugh, and they’ll either smile or say, ‘Yes,’” he says. “But if they’re really uncomfortable, I know that we’re not going to be very compatible.”

The Subsequent Hookups
Let’s say that you’ve gotten a lot more naked in your time together and how you communicate. There’s always the standard “Whatcha doin’ tonight? Wanna come over and hang out?” text. Initiating a bit of sexting is an even more fun way to send out the suggestion, get your hookup partner aroused, and build anticipation. If you know earlier in the day that you’ll be hooking up, send a naughty text or picture to let your fuck buddy know that you’re looking forward to spending some time with them. You don’t have to turn it into conversation. Sometimes, a single text is the most delicious tease!

A note about sending pictures to the guys: DO NOT send a dick pic. Most of the most sexually evolved women I know do not like them. I know of one woman who says she feels assaulted when she gets an unsolicited picture of a one-eyed giant on her phone. Unless a woman says she’s okay with or enjoys getting dick pics, don’t send them. Just don’t. Okay? Got it? Good.

Now let’s move on.

Responding to Texts
I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look at their phone the moment it rings, pings or dings. Always return the text ASAP, even if you can’t or don’t want to meet up for a hookup at that particular time. Ignoring a hookup text request will certainly diminish your chances or meeting up with your fuck buddy at another time.

The Post-Booty Call Text
Sending a post-booty call text when you get home or the next morning is always a kind and thoughtful gesture. It puts the “friend” in friend with benefits. And if the sex was great, why not express some appreciation? It will go a long way in setting the tone for the next time.

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