Adult Humor

The Absolute Worst & Scariest DIY Sex Toy Hack Ever

I’m all for getting creative with DIY sex toys, but next to the Fuck Saw, the Spinning Fleshlight has to be the absolute worst and scariest DIY sex toy hack I’ve ever seen.

I don’t have a penis, but I couldn’t stop cringing while watching this video. If I were a man, I wouldn’t want a rotating drill bit pointed that close to my penis, or any other part of my body for that matter. Or maybe this is his way of getting on Sex Sent Me to the ER.

I’m sure the guy who came up with this thought it was a good idea after 10 or 12 Keystone Lights. At least he had a flash of sobriety to say: “And by the way, I cannot be held liable if you hurt yourself or sumpin’. I cannot be held liable for anything, actually. So good luck with that.”