The Mistaken Call Girl

I shouldn’t complain about the traveling I do for work. All things considered, I get to travel to some nice places and stay in some pretty nice hotels.

The biggest perk was checking in on Sunday nights. Since I didn’t have to take our clients and take them out for drinks and dinner or put in my obligatory time rubbing elbows at some rubber chicken convention dinner, I planned on settling in my room with a cocktail and dinner from room service, swaddle my naked self under the down comforters, and get my fix of the latest episode of Mad Men. I couldn’t think of a better way to unwind from my flight, especially after the two-hour delay in Dallas-Fort Worth, and refresh myself for the next day.

Before I looked over the menu, I checked the TV to see what channel my favorite show was on.

What? There were five ESPN channels but no AMC in my room? Hopefully someone at the front desk could recommend somewhere I could watch the show and get something in my belly. As usual, I bypassed the shitty and expensive airport food and even shittier and more expensive food on the plane. I was starving. Surely, I wouldn’t have to go too far to get something tasty. After all, this was San Francisco.

“I’m pretty sure they can get it in the lounge if there aren’t any big games on TV,” the clerk at the desk said.

I looked at my watch and realized that I had ten minutes to get downstairs. I didn’t have time to slip out of my dress and heels and into something more comfortable and casual before the show started. I’d definitely compensate by bumping up Skyy for Grey Goose for my martini.

I made nice with the bartender when I talked him into changing the channel on one of the five big screen TV’s. Even though there were only five men in the bar and none of them were paying attention to any of the games, the bartender reluctantly flipped the channel on the TV closest to my seat at the bar. He rolled his eyes away when I asked him to turn up the volume.

A polished and handsome man settled into the chair next to me, smiled, and said. “I’m sorry about that. Usually, I pick places with better customer …

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