The Art of Erotica

The Secret Power of Touch

We took the day off on Friday for a long weekend getaway. That morning, we lay under the sheets basking in the sunlight that poured through the window and the bliss of a rare post-early morning romp in the sack. Few words had to be said. The warmth and appreciation of how we connected physically, emotionally and spiritually spoke volumes as our arms, legs and skin meshed and mingled underneath the sheets.

Eventually, he broke the silence and said, “We should really get moving. We have some place to be.”

As much as I wanted to linger in the afterglow and repeat the way our kisses led to touches, and touches led to connecting our libidos, imaginations and body parts, I knew we had to get a move-on. I had no idea what to expect for our weekend getaway, but I knew it had to be something spectacular. Jack was never short on surprises, and his surprises were always of the very best and unimaginable kind. I was like a kid at Christmas who bugged him for clues as to what he had planned but knew I would be delighted beyond what I could have ever wished or imagined. I should have known at this point not to pester him for clues, but I think he got a kick out of my anticipation.

We made a few stops before we hit the road, including his office where he had to check his email and voice mail before we left town. He was compulsive about keeping in touch with work even when his absence was planned, but even I couldn’t lure him physically and mentally away from his desk. My hands and fingers could not penetrate the stiffness I felt in his arms, shoulders and back no matter how hard I tried, and he wasn’t making it easy. As soon as he was done checking and getting back to his messages, he was insistent on getting back on the road. Perhaps it wasn’t a bad idea. I think he needed this weekend getaway more than I, even if it frustrated me that he wouldn’t indulge me in, let alone acknowledge that I was trying to act out a fantasy he knew I had to seduce him at the office.

I knew we were heading to the coast south of San Francisco for the weekend. I only knew vague details of where we would be staying and some of things …

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