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These Guys Say Sex is a ‘Wholesome Addiction’

For as much as men think about sex, watch porn, and read erotica, they really don’t talk much about it.

Three guys – known as Sean, Beef and The Operator – want to change that with their podcast (or as they call it, porncast), Wholesome Addiction.

Every Thursday, these men have a very open and frank discussion about sex and sex in the news, in our culture and in adult entertainment.

“After having a stunted conversation about a porn star with a group of friends and realizing everyone in the room knew who we were talking about but wouldn’t admit how they knew, I thought how silly it was not to be able to talk about porn and the sex in it openly,” Sean says. “After telling The Operator about it, we did a test run sometime later which turned into the first cast.”

The guys cover a lot in their hour-long-plus porncast, but as The Operator puts it, “We always want to make people feel comfortable, whether on the cast or listening to the cast. Everyone has their own comfort level regarding sex and porn, and we want listeners to be able to have their own comfort level or interest addressed. You want news, no problem. You want videos, no problem. You want erotica, no problem. You want to hear three doofuses talk about sex and porn, no problem. You don’t like sex. Then we have a problem.”

The discussions are pretty explicit and there’s a lot of drooling that goes on, but it’s all very respectful and intelligent.

“Sure the glitter-goddess look is sexy but so is a ponytail and an old sweater, nasty hardcore porn, or icky-sweet romantic lovemaking,” Sean says. “It’s the willingness that gets me — the decision of a another human being to offer their body in exchange for yours to create a new shared experience is flat out sexy be it a couple that knew they were being filmed so that others could rub one out to it later or that nice girl in college who took pity on you and showed how cunnilingus was supposed to go. That sharing is what I find sexy. Body type, hairdo, age, really don’t make a difference to me, although I will admit to a particular fondness to latex.”

For as much time and research the guys put into preparing for their weekly shows (Yeah, I know. How can watching and reading porn be considered work?), none of them consider themselves experts, and that’s part of the charm and their intentions.

“I’m not an expert, most people aren’t, and that’s part of the reason we do the show,” Sean says. “The kernel of truth that began as the shows conception is that sex, porn, and sexuality is a part of human nature that we all experience and hopefully enjoy. The facets of that shared learning curve are not restricted to certification, frequency, or preference. It’s all valid and I and we feel like sharing experiences and thoughts on the subject in an open format with some foul language and a trifle of good natured humor can’t be a negative thing. Also, we love boobs.”

“We actually started the show, because we love the hotness and every shape the female form comes in,” Beef says. “That being said, I also believe that the more people there are talking honestly and openly about sex can’t be a bad thing. Sex is a primal pleasure and need, and I think in the world, mainly the USA, it has become something entirely too taboo. Everyone has sex or none of us would be here, and if in some small way we can help people shed any of those insecurities or inhibitions to open up about sex, I think we’ve done good work.”

Catch Wholesome Addiction’s porncasts on Thursdays and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And be sure to listen in on Porncast 46 when they discuss my book, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind (27 minutes into the ‘cast).