Adult Sex Ed

Unusual #AdultSexEdMonth Stories I Love in Kinkly, Some Raw Sex & Groin Grooming Tips

arousr manscapingThere have been tons of basic and first-timer tips that have come in from so many kick-ass sex bloggers, sex educators and sapiosexuals during #AdultSexEdMonth. However, I felt it was appropriate to share some of the more unusual stuff – like double dicks, vanishing vulvas and things that should never, ever, ever go in your butt — in this week’s Sex Stories We Love in Kinkly.

If you missed me running of my mouth about #AdultSexEdMonth on Raw Sex Radio Monday night, I’m sure the podcast should be up on their BlogTalk Radio page. And don’t just listen long enough to hear me yap. Alicia the Sexual Intellectual and The Stasche had a great talk with Randy about some porn history.

I also got to do a little bit of a bit of adult sex educating for Arousr. My latest blog post for them is on groin grooming tips. It’s a sensitive topic (in more ways than one) and it’s advice that doesn’t get passed down from father to son or between brothers and bros. Whether you guys to it for yourselves or for your partners, be careful with those razors, trimmers and scissors when you’re whacking the bush down under.

See how much fun learning can be???

Until next June, take it upon yourself to do some self-learning when it comes to sex. Because no one can be too smart or too sexy.