Date Night

Vacation Plans and Julie London

AGWDM korbelWe’ve been having loads of fun this past week planning our long weekend getaway to the Mendocino coast later this month. All of our travels have been special, but this one is a different kind of special.

The first stop along the way will be the Korbel winery. We visited there 18 years ago during our first rendezvous. Of all of the wineries we’ve visited in the California Wine Country, this is one of the most special ones, especially for lovers. It’s on the western fringe of Sonoma valley where the redwoods start encroaching into the vineyards. The grounds, buildings and gardens are like an old-world manor. The tour of the cellars is spectacular. The outdoor tasting on a deck under the tall trees is the biggest treat of all. The champagne they serve is not the stuff they sell at the corner liquor store; it’s their reserve stash. It’s truly nectar in the heavens.

A good part of our drive will be along Highway 1. We’ve taken several rides on the highway between San Francisco and as far south to Monterey and once along Tamales Bay. This will be farther north with more cliffy, rugged coastline.

AGWDM mendocinoA day in Mendocino is definitely in the plans along with finding a special place to do dinner. We still can’t decide whether we want to go horseback riding on the beach or along a redwood trail.

Parrot has taken on the task of finding a secluded place to have another dejeuner sur l’herbe, our oft-mentioned reference to the Manet painting and our nude picnic and lovemaking session overlooking Lake Sonoma last October. I have no idea what he’ll come up with, but between the coast and the forests, I’m sure there are more than a few gorgeous secluded hideaways. I trust his judgment. He’s awesome with surprises.

AGWDM wharf masters inn room viewAnd then there’s our hotel. Normally we stay at B&B’s, but we couldn’t pass up the deal and amenities of a hotel in Point Arena, about hour south of Mendocino. A king-sized bed, a balcony with a view of the ocean, and an en suite Jacuzzi. From what I’ve seen of the pictures of this place, balcony sex looks very doable. Combine that with some product testing we have to do for some upcoming blog posts (What a way to combine blogging with pleasure, right?) and we just may never leave the room.

Music plays a big part in the sensuality between us; deeply rich and gorgeous music – Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, Diana Krall, Tuck and Patti, Miles Davis. It’s how we connect erotically over martinis and cigars, while we make love, soak in the tub, and when he reads erotic poetry aloud to me. Finding new music to load onto the iPod for times like these has always been part of our getaway planning.

For as much as I’ve always loved torchy jazz singers, I don’t know why it wasn’t until the other night that I discovered Julie London.

AGWDM julie londonFor most of her adult life, she lived a glamorous life. As an actress, she played in roles opposite Cary Grant and Robert Mitchum. Her first husband was Jack Webb, who produced Emergency! in which she played the role of nurse Dixie McCall along her second husband Bobby Troup who played Dr. Jack Early.

I remember Dixie McCall, but being so young at the time, I didn’t know who she was outside of that role. At the time, I was just mesmerized by what a beautiful woman she was and why TV bombshells like her always had the sexiest character names. And I had no idea that Cry Me a River was her signature song that Troup, also a composer and songwriter, produced in 1955.

I’ve heard this song a bazillion times sung by other people. As sad as the lyrics are, the music and delivery always makes me melt. But knowing the backstory and hearing London sing it, and sing it better than anyone I’ve ever heard, had me clawing at the walls. Her husky and raspy voice that’s sounds like it’s soaked in mead turned me into a puddle of melted butter. I can only imagine what kind of relationship they had to create a song like that.

Of course, I had to go digging for more of her music. Like every torch singer, she sung Gershwin and slayed Summertime like no other woman.

For as much as I’ve always gotten dangerously wet ever time I’ve heard Jim Morrison sing Light My Fire, I’ve never considered hearing a 60’s lounge style version of it.

Campy? No. Sultry? Ohmygod, yes!

And how could I not resist checking out a song I never heard of before with a title like,Nice Girls Don’t Stay for Breakfast? This is my new anthem.

Countdowns to the times we get to see each other are always fueled with a lot of pent-up restlessness. This time, I don’t know how I’ll get through the next few weeks with these plans that we’re making and this music in my head.