Relationship Ramblings

Wear My Wife’s … Bra?

Yes, you read that right. Some horny ‘net geek on Craigslist really thinks it’s OK to expect some woman to wear his wife’s underpinnings solely for his kicks … and I assume without his wife’s knowledge.

….bra for me! lol i know a silly idea but thought i’d try and meet a girl who possible would. She is 5’4″ 115 c cup.. so if you can fit her size please message!

Don’t get me wrong. We all have fantasies we’d like to explore. Some are do-able, others aren’t, and some require a bit of finesse and respect in carrying out. In my opinion he’s doing it wrong … and he probably wonders why he gets replies from people spamming their porn sites.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know.