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What Does A Woman Think About Your Sexual Performance?

AGWDM What Does A Woman Think About Your Sexual PerformanceAh, performance anxiety! It’s something that some men worry about after they’ve hooked up with a woman from a casual sex dating site like Casual Sex Glasgow ( or Casual Sex Gloucester ( But what do women think about a guy’s sexual performance after they’ve hooked up with a guy for the first time?

First-Time Jitters
If the sex was fun, the two of you let each other know both verbally and non-verbally when you got turned on, and you got her smiling, screaming for orgasms and thanked you, don’t fret it. But often, first-time sex can be a little awkward. Having sex with a new person is kind of like moving into a new house or apartment. It takes a little while to figure out where all the plugs and switches are. She may have thought and felt the same way, but how she will judge you is by how you tried to figure out where her plugs and switches were or if you bothered to try.

Did She Come First?
Sexually pleasing a woman first isn’t a selfish expectation of women. It’s just the way a woman’s mind and body are sexually wired. Women don’t get instantly aroused the way men do. It typically takes 20 minutes for a woman to get ready for penetration. She’s going to judge you based on how you properly and enthusiastically aroused with fingering and oral sex. If you just rubbed or licked her a few times like it was an obligation before ramming your cock inside of her, chances are she’s not going to be impressed.

Did She Think Your Dick was too Small?
Dick size is something men worry about more than women. According to a lot of research I’ve seen on this topic, 45% of men think their dicks are too small. However, 70% of men have a “normal” or average size dick and 75% of women are perfectly happy with the size of their partner’s member. As far as most women are concerned, it’s not how big a guy’s cock is, it’s about knowing how to use it.

Did She Hold it Against You if You Came too Quickly?
Premature ejaculation happens. It’s an issue for about a third of all men, especially the first time in bed with a new partner. Being anxious, nervous, overly eager and excited, being with someone hot and new, or if it’s been a while since you had sex can easily pull the trigger on Mr. Happy too early. If this happens, tell her why and make it sound like a compliment to her. Chances are, she won’t let this bother her if you made sure that you fully satisfied her after you came.

What if You Couldn’t get it Up?
All of the reasons why a guy fires off to quickly can easily apply to a guy who can’t get or keep it up, and that happens to about a third of men, too. Sometimes, not being able to get or maintain an erection can be a woman’s fault, but let’s take blame off the table for a moment. Did the two of you try different types of foreplay and positions? Did the two of you take a break, have a cocktail, talk and have some laughs? What did you do to make good sex for her? Women are a lot more understanding about these situations than you may think, and if she likes you as a person, chances are that she’ll be willing to give a second try and maybe more.

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