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What I Love About Stories About Other Peoples’ Sex Lives

AGWDM new SSWL artI’m pretty lucky that I get paid to read sex stories. How cool is that? Of course, the deal is that I need to suggest and share stories that cover a wide range of interests, and the more unusual and unique, the better.

I find that personal stories about other peoples’ sex lives are some of the best. They’re voyeuristic, but not always in a creepy way. Some are WTF out there, like the woman who keeps a spreadsheet of all of her hookups — what she thought of them and what they thought of her. Some are charmingly funny, like women who recalled their first time seeing a real-live penis. And some are seriously thoughtful, like what rape is and why it can be difficult to know.

I hope you’ll check out and what I enjoyed reading over the past few weeks in Sex Stories We Love: Past Partners, Sexually Empowered Women and Penis First-Timers in Kinkly.