Relationship Ramblings

What is it with Us and Oysters?

I couldn’t get over how much the end of today looked like the one of the Sunday before.

Seven days earlier, Parrot and I spent the late afternoon taking a leisurely drive down Highway 1 from Bodega Bay to just west of San Rafael. The golden late day sun cast a perfect hue on the cow pastures, redwood forests and the Tomales Bay shoreline along our route.

I texted him to let him know what was on my mind. Before I could go into detail, he said, “Don’t forget the oysters.”

How could I forget?

Along our drive, Parrot stopped his car before we could pass The Marshall Store, a rustic looking shack of a bar that sat on the edge of the highway.

I knew immediately what made him stop; it was a shingle sign that read, “Oysters.”

We went inside, ordered up a dozen of Tomales Bay’s best, and a couple bottles of beer. We took our seats along a wooden bar that hung on the railing that separated us from the water.

Oysters, beer, a gorgeous view of the bay, the waning afternoon sun, and the last warmth of the day made it the perfect mix for perfection of an already perfect weekend.

Then I had to ask, “What is it with us and oysters?”

His reply: “Because they’re decadent.”

True. With the salty bivalves going for about $28 a dozen these days, they are a luxury, but for us, they’re a must-have whenever we get together.

We’ve had oysters at five-star restaurants. We’ve had them with champagne, martinis, and in the case of that lovely Sunday afternoon, beer straight out of the bottle. We’ve them at home in front of the TV while watching To Have and Have Not. We’ve had them in some of the best oyster bars in the places we’ve visited. We even had them at a bar that was atop a basement of a basement dungeon in a building that was once owned by a rather infamous Dom in the Detroit area, Bob Bashara.

I don’t buy the thought that oysters are aphrodisiacs. We don’t need no stinkin’ aphrodisiacs. However, we associate them with the indulgence we know of as sex – whether it’s before, after or the times in between.

While we reminisced about oysters and that gorgeous afternoon, he said, “I never eat oysters when I’m not with you.”

“I don’t either,” I said.

For me, what it comes down to is that great shellfish, as well as great sex, are decadent indulgences that are best valued, treasured and shared.