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What Makes a Good Casual Sex Encounter?

AGWDM sex dating featuredWhether you’re looking for a one-time hookup or someone you can get together for casual sex on the regular, you want it to be fun. So after you’ve met someone on a site where you can find women looking for sex, how do you take things from online to in person to on fire?

1. Keep your first in-person meeting casual but classy. I always recommend meeting someone from a casual sex dating site in person in a public place. It’s a comfortable ice breaker. It’s for your and the other person’s concerns for safety and knowing what your safer sex practices are. You want to make sure that each of you like and get a true assessment of who each other are.

When I say “casual”, I mean wear your nicer casual clothes and make sure they’re clean. (I once met a guy who looked like and admitted that he put on the first thing he could find in his hamper. He looked like he didn’t bother to take a brush to his hair and was overdue for a haircut. Big turn off.) Groom yourself neatly. Looks count. So do tidiness and cleanliness.

A local pub or coffee shop is fine, but don’t meet at a dump. Make it a fun and popular place that reflects your personal styles and personalities. You’ll have more fun and it will set the tone for a fun private time to follow.

2. Don’t have an expectation that sex will immediately follow a drink or two. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, but you may be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. The person you’ll be meeting might want a day or two to make up their mind or things might not mutually click. You may even want to get the hell out as soon as possible yourself. I’ve been in all of those situations.

Keeping an open mind helps take the nervousness and pressure off a first-time meeting. If things don’t happen that same night, you never know what can happen a day or two later. The time for a casual sex hookup doesn’t have an expiration date. Good things are worth waiting for.

3. Make sure your place is neat and clean in case you do have an instant hookup. I know most guys really don’t care what a house and bedroom looks like, just as long as sex is going to happen. But cleanliness means a lot to some people. Messy bedrooms aren’t sexy settings for a lot of people. Dirty sheets are just plain gross.

4. Keep a hookup kit in your nightstand. If you’re a guy, make sure you have condoms at home. A last-minute trip to the drug store can kind of an interruption or a mood killer, especially if the hour is late. Keep a tube of lube on hand, too. Even if the woman you’re hooking up with says she has no problem getting wet, a little extra slick can mean some extra fun. Plus, a good lube will always help make sex with a condom more fun. There’s less friction and less of a chance of condom breakage from friction.

Ladies, keep a condom variety pack with different types and sizes on hand just in case your guy isn’t prepared. You can find condom variety packs at a number of online condom or sex toy retailers.

Female condoms and dental dams should be in your hookup kit, too.

5. The hotel sex alternative. As an alternative, hotel sex is fun, too. There’s something that feels naughty and illicit about hotel sex. Strange places can lead to strange sex. Some people really get off on hooking up in seedy motels. Nicer hotels, especially if the room is fancier than your bedroom, can add to the fantasy factor. You don’t have to worry about you or your fuck buddy doing the walk of shame early in the morning or having neighbors gossiping about “that car” that was in your driveway overnight. Plus, if you want to guard your privacy, spending the extra bucks on a rented room can give you some piece of mind.

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