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What Women Secretly Want From a Casual Encounter

You know what they say – “A lady on the streets and a whore between the sheets.” That’s why it’s so hard to know what women secretly want from a casual encounter.

Most women play the lady part in public and even on casual dating sites like Casual Encounters Australia ( because they want to be taken seriously and respectfully. Just because a woman is looking for a hot no-strings romp doesn’t mean that it’s okay to treat her like trash. As a person, she is no different than you – she’s just as hot and horny. Treat a woman politely and she’ll be more open to telling a man what she’s looking for in a casual encounter. You’ll also increase your chances of hooking up with her. Remember, men far outnumber women on casual encounter dating sites. You have competition. It pays to step up your game.

Generally speaking, what do women secretly want from a casual encounter? It’s usually one or a combination of these things:

She wants to explore her wild side. This is something that’s hard for a woman to do with a guy she meets in her social circles. She doesn’t want word getting out that she has a kinky side or just wants to let her bad girl out every once in a while. It’s easier to do this with someone she doesn’t know well because people talk and gossip. It’s also easier to get wild with someone when she starts off with a clean slate.

She wants to sample what’s out there. She may be recently divorced or broke things off with a longtime boyfriend. She may not want to get tied down to one person right away. If she was involved with one guy for a long time, she might not have a clear idea of who she would like to be with. She may be curious about what other men are like or what she could be like in bed.

She likes variety. No two men are alike in bed, and for some women, this is what makes sex fun.

She doesn’t want to get tied down. Maybe she broke up with someone recently and is enjoying her autonomy but doesn’t want to go without sex. Maybe she’s busy with life and work and really doesn’t have time to devote to a significant other.

She’s been going without for too long. Women are sexual beings as much as men. Masturbation and sex toys only go so far. They aren’t substitutes for real live men. If you’re a guy looking for a casual encounter, chances are that you’re perfectly okay with being Mr. Right Now anyway.

She’s not getting what she wants at home. Contrary to popular belief, some men aren’t very sexual or a couple’s sexual drives are horribly mismatched. It’s not that I advocate people cheat on their spouses or significant others, but this has been going on as long as the institution of marriage has been around. If one or both of you are married, just be honest and upfront from the get-go about your relationship status. Not everyone wants to get involved with someone who is married. Some people prefer hooking up with someone who’s in a similar situation.

Secret, illicit sex is fun and exciting. For some, having a secret or occasional partner or doing something your responsible self says, “This isn’t something you should be doing,” makes sex feel naughtier and hotter. Women have this fantasy as much as men. After all, great sex is as much mental as it is physical.

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