Whetting a Sexual Appetite as an Erotica Muse

AGWDM if her toes dont curl youre not doing it rightIt always puts a smile on my face when I hear that something I’ve written or posted brings someone a source of inspiration to their lives or writing. Waking up to read Jon Pressick’s 10 PM Snack was the second nicest way to wake up this morning. (The first was knowing that I could wake up in a similar way with Parrot four mornings from today.)

Jon’s inspiration for this story came from a photo that I posted yesterday, If Her Toes Don’t Curl, You’re Not Doing it Right. It’s the newest installment of his #MuseMondays series in which he crafts a story from a photo that inspired him. I really enjoy his stories. They’re a great exercise for writing erotica.

Here’s an excerpt from the story. You’ll have to read the rest of it on his Sex in Words blog. You’ll also want to check out some of his other #MuseMonday stories.


I really just want to go to sleep. Even though it is Friday night, usually a night we let loose from the week, I am exhausted. The bed called to me as soon as we got in the door. I give Joe a kiss on his surprised cheek.

“You don’t even want some dinner?” he asks.

“No, I just need to pass out,” I sigh, wearily.

“Alright, well, I definitely need something to eat.” And off he goes to the kitchen will I climb the stairs.

I manage to get my clothes off, but I don’t remember much else. I swear, I am already asleep … (Read more …)