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Why is Gushing/Female Ejaculation Such a Mystery?

Gushing. Squirting. Female ejaculation. Whatever you call it, I’m baffled by why there’s so little information there is about it, and the information I have found ranges from doubtful to misinformed (see Wikipedia) to downright crazy (it’s ancient?).

Personally, I’ve only gushed a relative handful of times, and only with my current lover.

This past weekend, it happened three times in the same session. All we could think was, “Wow!”

Having gushed like that and only having gushed with him, I didn’t know anyone I could ask besides him how common it is. He said it’s only happened with two other women, and that one of them could do it on demand. (I really didn’t want to hear that exact detail, but I did ask.)

I wish I could say how and why it happens to me. I really can’t. I can’t will it to happen emotionally or physically like I can when I orgasm. I can’t feel a specific buildup like I do when I come, although it does come at times of extremely intense arousal and when my lover is making contact with my G-spot with his fingers or his cock. A gush of hot, watery, clear fluid just blasts out of me and thoroughly drenches him, me and the sheets. I’m not talking about a tiny spot; I’m talking about both of us having to sleep on a pretty large section of the bed that’s soaked well through the sheets and the mattress pad. After it happens, by no means am I mentally or physically drained after I gush.

I came across one video by a man who purported to be able to teach men how to make their women gush. I’d say he has the technique down, but as a gusher, I can’t say it’s a surefire way. It doesn’t always happen according to his directions, even when our lovemaking is scorching-the-sheets hot.

What blows my mind most is that physicians and other scientists know little about female ejaculation. According to Dr. Laura Berman, “Since 2000, an increasing number of researchers have suggested the liquid may come from the Skene’s glands, which are located on the anterior wall of the vagina around the lower end of the urethra. But the truth is we simply don’t know where ejaculate comes from …”

Excuse me … “We simply don’t know where ejaculate comes from”??? Hell, it sounds as if the medical community isn’t even sure if Skene’s glands exist. The lack of findings and credible explanations I have come across is simply mind-blowing … almost as mind-blowing as gushing three times in less than a half hour … almost as mind-blowing as how I could gush that much and that often yet not gush for months, if not years at a time. What kind of answer could I expect from my gynecologist? In this day and age, is the female anatomy still that much of a mystery?

At the same time, having gushed the way I did was quite an extraordinary experience for both of us … as was the all the fun that led up to it.