Adult Sex Ed

Why We Love Sex and Music

AGWDM sex and musicOne of the first things Parrot and I connected on when we were getting to know each other was music. It turned out that we had a passion for similar music and a passion for sex with music. The stuff we’re into isn’t the typical stuff that comes to the top of mind when people think of sexy music – Marvin Gay, Al Green, Bolero. Nothing wrong with that, but our tastes are very similar – acoustic singer-songwriters, jazz and even a bit of classical – yet different enough so that we’re always turning each other on to something that’s new to each other.

In the time I’ve been blogging about sex, I’ve found it odd that not everyone equates music with sex. Some people have never thought about or have said playing music while having sex is distracting.

Then I came upon some information about about two research studies research about sex and music that were done at McGill University a few years ago. One of the studies found that listening to music prompts the release of dopamine, the “feel good” chemical in our brains that also gets released when we have sex.

Even though music does not satisfy any particular biological need in the same way as sex does, music provides an aesthetic or intellectual reward. In other words, music can amplify the pleasure of sex so powerfully, because it helps activate pleasure centers through a wider set of channels. In other words, listening to music while having sex can make sex feel better.

The other study at McGill found that listening to certain kinds of stimulating music increases our signs of arousal, including our heart rate, breathing rate and even how our bodies respond when skin is touched.

Moushumi Ghose, a sex therapist who was not involved in either study, thinks that music’s ability to stimulate people in this way only helps them focus on their partner more. In an interview she had with in an article about sex and music, she said, “When you are 100% present, sexually or intimately with a person, and all your senses are engaged, it makes for a more well-rounded and complete experience … Sexuality has a rhythmic quality to it. The way we that we make love or the way we are in an intimate setting probably mimics greatly the type of music we like and inspires us in that moment.”

How true. How very true.

The next time you and your partner plan a sexy night, load up your iPod or whatever you device you use with some of your sexy musical favorites and see if you double your pleasure. I bet you will.