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Write a Sex Personals Profile That Gets Results

AGWDM write a sex personals profile that gets resultsAs a sex blogger, a woman with a lot of single and divorced friends, and someone who’s done the online dating thing in the past, I hear a lot of complaints about online dating sites like Sex Personals Brisbane ( and Sex Personals Perth ( all the time.

“People don’t respond to my messages.”

“I hate the game playing.”

“It’s a waste of my time.”

I hate to break it to you, but at least half of the time, if not more often, it’s your fault, and I have the inside track on how to change that.

Differentiate Yourself with Details
A lot of people don’t know how to make themselves stand out in sex personals profiles. At all costs, avoid using terms like “laid back” and “easy going”. That’s how 95% of people on sex personals websites describe themselves. Don’t embellish who you are. Just be creative in how you describe your personality. I once came across a guy who described himself as “joyfully profane”. I never got to meet him, but his description is still memorable several years later.

If you’re not sure how to describe yourself, ask a friend. A woman my beau met on a sex personals website several years ago described him as “looks like Mister Rogers with the soul of Dennis the Menace” I disagree with the Mister Rogers comparison, but he does dress classically conservative and he never outgrew his penchant for getting into mischief … especially naughty mischief!

The same advice goes for describing your physical attributes. Two of the most overused clichés used in sex personals profiles are “hung like a horse” and “curves in all the right places”. They’re usually dishonest representations of how people look. Be real but complimentary about yourself and know that very few people on sex personals dating sites look like movie stars or porn stars. Don’t pretend to look like the one if you’re not.

Describing your hobbies and interests helps define your personality, but limit them to things you’re likely to do and share with a sex partner. Women generally don’t want to hear that men enjoy playing video games and men really don’t give a flying fuck if women like to go shopping for their BFFs. If you’re into gaming, think of how a term like “fiercely competitive” translates to what you do in the bedroom. If you’re a woman who has a closet full of fuck-me pumps and slinky lingerie that might be a better way of telling a man that you’re on a first-name basis with the clerks at the local department stores and boutiques. If things move beyond just getting together for a casual hookup or two, that’s when you can get into detail about your encyclopedic knowledge of World War II bombers or your passion for upcycle crafting.

Whatever you do, don’t over embellish how you perform in bed. If you were able to come three times in one night or last for hours once, don’t make it sound like it’s something you do all the time. Only promise what you’re sure you can deliver. You don’t want to disappoint the person you hope to meet and hook up with or have him or her think you’re a liar.

Specify Your Kinks
It’s fine to say you’re kinky, but be specific about your turn-ons and fetishes. While you may think that anyone who’s kinky is going to want to tie you up, blindfold you and spank your ass, it might not be their thing. They maybe into something entirely different like having sex outdoors or watching and playing with swingers at sex parties.

Also, state whether what you’re into is something you’ve never done before or something that’s been in your sexual repertoire for years. Some people who are advanced and experienced in their kinks might not want to be with someone who’s exploring a fantasy for the first time … or they just might be a very willing and enthusiastic mentor.

Be Clear About What You Want in a Sex Partner
“Adventurous” is the one all-purpose term just about everyone uses to define what they want in a sex partner, but what do you really mean by that? Do you want someone who’s open and brave enough to share and indulge in your (or their) wildest fantasies? Do you want someone who can leave their worries and stress outside of the bedroom? (It’s a much more positive way of saying “no baggage”. Everyone has baggage about sex and relationships. It always comes out in one form or another.) Do you want romance and intimacy but don’t want commitment? That’s something a lot of people want but don’t know how or are afraid to say.

State Your Availability
You may sound like the perfect sex partner for someone in type, but if you’re only available on occasional afternoons or every other weekend or have a roommate that never leaves the house, include that information in your profile. It would be a disappointment if you or the person you’re getting to know doesn’t know about those caveats until days or weeks later. Also, state how far you’re willing to travel and if you expect or are not willing to stay for overnight visits.

Complete Your Entire Profile
Having a bare profile is what leaves a lot of people coming up empty and disappointed with their with sex personals dating. Even if you leave someone a personalized message about why you’d like to connect to them, they’re going to look up your profile. If it’s bare, they’re going to think you’re boring, dishonest or not serious about hooking up or getting to know someone. It’s a safe bet that they’ll move on to someone who sounds more interesting and appealing. Whenever I’ve seen bare profiles, my thought has always been, “It’s not my job to pry this information out of someone.”

A completed profile is a great conversation starter if someone thinks you’re a potential match. It might seem like a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it. If you hate to write or are afraid you suck at writing, write the way you talk. If you think writing a profile is a waste of time, then what do you call sitting at home watching TV or perving on porn by yourself for the bazillionth time?

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