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Writing and Talking About #AdultSexEdMonth … and Panties

AGWDM man in pantiesI am loving the informational and educational stories about adult sex that are coming in from all over the planet and the Internet about #AdultSexEdMonth. I am definitely learning something new every day!

But there are some that don’t know about #AdultSexEdMonth or have forgotten that it takes place in June. For those people, I’ve loaded up some of the best stories in this week’s Sex Stories We Love in Kinkly. Some of the stories I pulled out of the#AdultSexEdMonth Stories by Topic archives. Some of the stories are pretty basic things that have to do with reviewing the alphabet – specifically the letters G, O, but #notpee – some 101 stuff, a history lesson, and a current events discussion topic.

I got the chance to be on the other side of the byline when Joseph Viney from BaDoink hit me up for a nice email chat a bout #AdultSexEdMonth. I really like what he and the staff are doing with this sex and lifestyle magazine, especially the way they normalize the way they talk and write about sex. Go check it out!

I’ll also be talking about #AdultSexEdMonth on Getting Intimate with Dr. Sandra LaMorgese this evening, Tuesday, June 16. You will love this show, not because I’m on it, but because Sandra is one of the most intelligent and classiest people you’ll hear talk about sex, life and style. I’ll also be talking about #AdultSexEdMonth with Alicia the Sexual Intellectual on Raw Sex Radio next Monday, June 22. Having been on her show before, I can assure you that it will be as fun as well as enlightening.

In the past few weeks, I’ve written a couple of stories about fantasies. I was surprised one of the most popular fantasies and turn-ons was men who like wearing women’s panties. Even if you’re not a guy – straight, bi or gay – who prefers wearing satin and lace as opposed to boxers or briefs, you might be interested understanding and learning about why panty-loving men aren’t as far and few as you might think in Arousr.